Adaptive Lab partners with world class companies to help them change, grow and compete in business sectors where disruption is the new normal.

We help our clients recontextualise, identify the right action
and deliver something that works

Our principles

Our working practices combine thinking from a variety of fields. Here are some of the principles governing the way we work.

Our people

Our lovely people are at the heart of our business. They’re our family. Everyone in our family is an equal, we support and encourage each other to realise our abilities and to set and meet our ambitious goals both as individuals and as a business.

Meet the team

Mark Priestley

Lead Strategist

My time gets split between research and analysis, helping our clients develop and test new propositions, designing and facilitating workshops, and thinking about how to design businesses to enable the creation of better digital services. Oh, and spending far too much money eating my way around Shoreditch’s many lunch spots.

What’s your background? I studied Artificial Intelligence at Sussex University, led research and standardisation initiatives within the Vodafone R&D team, where I was present for the rise of the Smartphone, and then set up on my own as a freelance consultant and web developer before joining Adaptive Lab.

Truth or lie? I’m still smarter than my phone, just / I speak fluent German

Meet the team interview

Meet the team

Mike Laming

Lead Technologist

I set technical direction, explain technical details to clients, manage technical projects, hire & grow the talent pipeline, programming work on projects

What’s your background? I've been programming for as long as I can remember. In 2009 I went through Y Combinator in Silicon Valley and since then I've been involved in a few early stage ventures. Bringing ideas to life is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Truth or lie? I've (very) narrowly avoided 2 avalanches that happened on the same day of the year, 2 years apart / I play basketball and regularly give the AL team a whoopin’

Meet the team

James Haycock

Managing Director

I’m very lucky in my role. I get to spend a lot of time meeting and working with smart people at well known companies that are looking to drive real change in their industry. I’m also lucky to have a very smart team who I learn from on a daily basis.

What’s your background? Prior to Adaptive Lab I worked for a range of companies in a strategy/product role which meant I had to think about how to bring business, design and technology together in smart ways. This experience included being part of a startup team that reached 100,000 users in just six weeks and part of another where we had to individually call people to get to 1000 users. Before that I was part of a team running a small record label which taught me how to hustle!

Truth or lie? I make a mean slow roast pork shoulder / I hate negronis

Meet the team interview

Meet the team

Kim Szelong


Primarily my role is on the technical team developing processes, prototypes and products. However, due to the nature of our work, this varies hugely. Depending on the type of product or service we we are developing I could be researching, helping draw up storyboards, managing client relationships, creating proposals or writing a blog.

What’s your background? I completed a BSc in Multimedia Technology over 7 years ago. Since then I have dabbled with freelance web design, teaching, building and developing hardware for fashion with Studio XO. I have also both studied and taught at General Assembly.

Truth or lie? I once partied with Simon Pegg / I have two Sphinx cats

Meet the team interview

Pritpal S Tamber

Pritpal works as an innovation consultant with a specific focus on rapidly evolving information and the technology landscape. He is also the Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative and the former Physician Editor of TEDMED.

Mark Earls

Mark Earls, aka the Herdmeister, knows advertising inside out, having worked as an account planner at agencies like St Luke’s, BMP, and latterly Ogilvy.

John V Willshire

John V Willshire is the founder of Smithery, an innovation studio that helps people Make things people want, rather that make people want things.

Neil Perkin

Neil is the Founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy. He is the other Co-creator to Adaptive Lab of Fraggl the Twitter curation app. Neil is also the curator of Google Firestarters.